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David Miertschin

a  r  c  h  i  t  e  c  t






I provide architectural services for clients seeking modern design solutions to difficult problems and offer specialization in two particular fields: sustainability and aging in place.


Sustainability is vast topic and that can be difficult to pin down. For me, sustainability can be summarized as utilizing our resources and behaving in ways that allows future generations to live as fully as we do today. The field of design and particularly architecture is well suited to alter the way we live and the way our planet’s resources are used.


Aging in place is a goal I share for all my clients. Architecture should be created for everyone, regardless of physical limitations, not only designed for the fully mobile, young, and healthy. Thoughtful design can minimize difficulties imposed by health or age. The best architecture enhances lives.


The mission of Modernism began in order to bring good design to the public in affordable ways with contemporary means and aesthetics. That  is a goal I still find poignant and important.

Featured in Green Build 2011 June 11-12 (click for link)


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